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Feeling the need to run away from your life? I hear that often from clients, “I wish that I could just run away from everything!”, many say. I’d be remiss if I denied thinking this way myself at times. But why? To put it bluntly, many humans feel like slaves to our own human existence. Hustling, in an effort to protect our own self-image and to prevent ourselves from feeling pain and hurt. Hustling, a verb, means to force, to move hurriedly, or unceremoniously in a specified direction. Slave, as a noun, means to be the legal property of another and forced to obey them.

The pain we feel in our body is the force working to keep us enslaved to our current experience of human existence. Pain is defined as physical suffering or discomfort. Newsflash! Life is nonstop and we are here to experience it. Life isn’t happening to us; life unfolds itself to us. When we experience a moment in life that produces pain in the body, this is an opportunity for self-exploration and healing. You are not your pain, and you are not someone else’s pain either.

Numb is a feeling we get when we impulsively act in a way that distracts from the emotion we don’t want to feel. Numbness is a lack of feeling. In the book, Dare to Lead, Brene Brown points out that it’s not what we do to numb, it’s why we do it that makes the difference.

Think about how physicians can prescribe pain killers to help numb pain as a person heals from a physical ailment. The physician considers dosage and frequency to treat the ailment, as well as a plan to follow up to assess the healing and the pain, with hopes that all improve. Let’s take the physician approach to coping with pain and apply it to emotional pain.

Consider making a treatment plan for your own emotional pain. On the “feel to heal” journey, an important task is to investigate where you are feeling the emotional pain, how often, and reflect on how you are currently responding to the pain. Healing begins when we can acknowledge pain in a loving and nonjudgmental manner. Healing continues when we can cope with being uncomfortable and in return act courageously in changing our inner dialogue from fear and negativity to positivity and love.

Ponder on a plan to address your own pain. The plan may include a thought journal, speaking with a close family member, friend or mental health professional, signing up for a retreat, making a list of activities that bring you joy, meditation or listening to positive affirmations.

Wholeness Healing Center staff are here to support you and assist you in your “feel to heal” journey. I will end with a quote found on the world wide web, “Healing doesn’t mean the pain never existed; it means the damage no longer controls our lives.” Suchitra Chakraborty (yourquote.in/suchitrachakraborty-bbxuij/2019)

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