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Manifesting, Asking and Allowing

Manifesting is one of the words that seems that have taken on an energy of its own in the past couple years, and many continue to write about manifesting your dreams, walking into prosperity, and embracing how this looks in our life. I have reviewed numerous books that have dealt with this and have decided to condense some of the teachings, along with some observations about my own manifesting.

One nice little book to guide a person into looking at manifesting is The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. There is, within the book, the 40 Days to Abundance Program. I first took this program online, with Michael Malone, of the Wellness Institute and I have since also completed it once individually. The book is a short read and the program consists of 10 affirmations, which you then write out and use as a springboard to writing, daily, for 40 days, so each affirmation is visited four times. A huge part of the program and the book is that “You develop a prosperity consciousness by changing your mind – by replacing ideas of lack with ideas of abundance.” (Randolph, p. 60) During the course of the program, the participant gradually realizes that money, the currency, is secondary to the prosperity of consciousness, with our spiritual connection, and then as one prioritizes, one also then increases the gratitude, opening up the channels so true prosperity can enter.

The short book Manifesting: The Secret Behind the Law of Attraction by Alexander Janzer  is a book I recently picked up. While rather short and succinct, it has gems of wisdom throughout. The book offers some guides to help, including a “Manifesting Formula”, a meditation, suggestions about removing limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, using gratitude to “speed up” the manifesting. “You either limit yourself and attract undesirable things (such as lack) or you manifest whatever you truly desire.” (Janzer, p. 3) The book also ends with focusing on increasing your level of energy, through using the chakra centers, helping one to move into a place of “peace, fulfillment and a sense of being truly yourself and connected to your Higher Self”. This little book also suggests that it takes 40 days to move into that sense of gratitude, into greater manifestation.

A couple years ago, I reviewed the book E2 by Pam Grout, a book with “experiments” to help convince the reader as he/she really increases the awareness of the energy of manifesting. It was actually one of the first books to get me excited about abundance and manifesting, using one’s energy.  “. . . the Fish and Loaves principle proposes that there is a natural law of abundance and that everything’s okay – you can relax.” (Grout, p. 142) The author encourages positive self-talk, as well as setting those intentions and then being in gratitude for all you already have. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions do indeed set forth how our energy works, and if we want to manifest only good, we need to put forth only good.

I also recently reviewed two of the Law of Attraction books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ask and it is Given and The Law of Attraction, both of which also had interactive exercises to propel one into accepting the role that changing one’s thoughts plays into the process of manifesting. The concept taught by Abraham is that you ask and then allow, getting out of the way by stepping into gratitude and looking forward in a positive manner. “If you want prosperity and you believe that you deserve it, and you expect it to come to you just because you want it to, there is no contradiction in your thinking – and the prosperity will flow. (Hicks and Hicks, The Law of Attraction, p. 185)

I have also listened and read The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, numerous times, and I do consider the teachings of the contributors as well-earned words of wisdom. The whole process of getting out of our own way is tantamount to moving into prosperity, manifesting at the maximum.

So how do we take all the words of wisdom and apply them to our daily lives? Several suggestions came out of all the readings, including daily meditations, changing our limiting beliefs about money/prosperity, beginning each day in a state of gratitude, as well as monitoring our speech and actions, turning them forward and speaking only positive, while letting go of all negativity. I have personally found that when I am in a state of gratitude, I no longer am concerned about money, the currency, but instead appreciate all of the other things I have, as well as those that surround me. I have found that I can live with less, and I accept that the things I used to see as priorities have lessened in their importance. The things I now appreciate are simpler, and I am able to appreciate more of my past lessons without complaint and resentment. I also have found that it is much easier for me to give to others –  money, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, even time and energy – without expectation of something in return. As long as I live in integrity, and allow others their own integrity, it is not for me to judge. When I get out of my way, it is easier to stay in that state of gratitude.

I have changed my whole idea of manifesting after reading these books; gratitude is now the priority. When I move (and moved) into a state of gratitude, the manifestation just seemed to follow. Things have become much better for me, working out in a much better way. As I ask and then allow, relaxing and letting the Universe be in charge, I have more energy to focus on other things, more time just enjoying what I am doing and the people I am around. Now I can’t say that I stay in that state of mind all the time, or that things always go perfectly, but Abraham says that we often grow after the “contrast”, so I have even learned to appreciate the bad times more, or at least not resent them as much. The lessons come from those experiences, so yes, I am convinced that the “hard times” actually prepare me to move forward in a better way.

So my idea of manifesting has changed, as have my priorities, and with that, things really seem to have opened up for me, even including the abundance of money. But more than that, the manifesting has allowed me to step back, watch my words and actions, and really just allow the Universe to provide me with all that I deserve. For that I am thankful.

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