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Trim Life Weight Release – A Way to Combat Obesity and Mal-adaptive Behaviors From Our Past

I recently read an article in the Grand Island Independent (States’ gains are nation’s loss in obesity findings) where Katy Healy reported that in Nebraska, 27. 6% of adults are obese, as compared with 15. 2 in 1995, which puts Nebraska as the “24th fattest state”. This is a concern for Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and it should be a concern for all of us. Dr. Adi Pour, health director for Douglass County was quoted in the article, saying, “The future health care costs of this epidemic are impossible to predict at this point. But we know they will be massive in addressing diabetes and heart disease”.

In the past years, many things have changed for our society, and one of the most harmful is the “super size” and the fact that many people see this as necessary. The size of meals has increased, as has the number of people who eat “fast food”, not always the most nutritious choice. Added to the fact that few people get as much exercise as they should and we all have become victims of many labor-saving devices, it is easy to see why our sizes have been gradually increasing.

While we all know what we should do, many find it increasingly difficult to maintain a consistent exercise program and to eat nutritious foods. Many people yo-yo diet, which is very difficult to maintain. If you look at all of those factors, while people should be able to change their eating habits, it obviously isn’t happening. Why? One possible answer may lie in the fact that many of us are “emotional eating”, with scripts that have been planted from our childhood. Those habits have become a part of our lives, and while we may work hard to change those habits, we are doing so with our conscious mind, which is not the strongest part of our decision-making.

Weight release using hypnosis is much more effective than most diet plans because it isn’t a diet, but rather a change of thinking, a change of habits, and a change of priorities. The 4 week program focuses on identifying and then replacing the way you handle stress, implementing an exercise program that fits your needs, beginning to eat nutritious meals and changing your eating habits, and also identifying your emotional eating, through some regressive work, to learn what caused your past habits, and then implementing new affirmations to correct the memory.

We have always known that our past affects us to some degree, and psychotherapy often is used to ferret out the words and phrases that we remember. But with your conscious representing 10% of memory, many things from our past are locked away in the subconscious. Accessing the subconscious with the use of hypnosis allows a person to access earliest memory, often contributing conclusions that were made because of what a baby or child heard or experienced, which then set in motion the accompanying behaviors, often not in the best interest of the person. A strength of the TRIM LIFE weight release program is that the subconscious can call up those memories, and then the client can be guided to replace the words with positive affirmations, which strengthens the control one has on his/her eating habits; in fact, on any and all habits and perceptions.

Being told as a child that people in some other country were starving so it was of vital importance to clean your plate, that your mother worked over a hot stove to prepare this meal so you should be grateful and eat it all, that ice cream would make your scraped knee feel better, or that a pizza is just the thing to ease a broken heart all have contributed to the obesity that is taking over our country. Hypnosis is a way to strengthen the resolve to implement better health, as the scripts of the past can be replaced with more positive, health-directed implants, empowering the client to make better choices. And addressing the issues of the past, identifying how they have affected one’s choices, and how they can be reframed into positive affirmations can be very empowering in many ways. Often the self-perception of a person is tied to the physical appearance, and as that is related to other issues, emotional and mental health issues are also addressed, opening up more avenues for healing.

The Trim Life Weight Release program using the hypnosis is offered in both locations at different times, for groups or individuals. As you become more aware of “why” you are eating and the emotions surrounding food, you may wish to check out our program by calling our office or reading more about the hypnosis programs we offer.

Healy, Katy. (July 7, 2011). States’ gains are nation’s loss in obesity findings. Grand Island Independent. World Herald New Service.

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