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Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

Dieting is something that many people struggle with, often yearly. The fad diets hit the market and everyone hopes for the “miracle” that will shed the pounds with little or no effort. Diets don’t work because of the guilt people feel if they don’t make their goal or if they feel deprived. Diets are short-term, often a “quick-fix” to eating habits that have been a lifetime developing. Trim-Life is different. Trim-Life is about helping people change their eating habits by “changing the mind”, as hypnosis increases motivation and subconscious implants help control urges. The program also is set up to identify “emotional eating” and the habits that began many years ago of filling up with food as a substitute for something else.

The weight release program of Trim-Life will be offered in groups at both Wholeness Healing Center offices. The Trim-Life Weight Release Program is a four session group program where clients are guided to learn how to control the triggers that have helped develop their eating habits. Clients will progress to then looking at the underlying emotions which may be part of compulsive eating habits.

Week 1 is about setting appropriate obtainable goals, along with recognizing the individual food issues in our pasts. It is also about the benefits of hypnosis as an aid to regulation of the habits in the subconscious. The amount of sugar and the effect on the blood sugar level and its impact on your urges is identified, with a subconscious relinquishment given to curb the cravings for the most detrimental foods to incorporating a healthy eating plan.

Week 2 is about the metabolism and the effect changes in diet have and how that can de-rail most other “diet plans”. As people become more aware of how their habits can affect their metabolism, and then their weight gains or losses, they can then take greater control. Using a hunger scale is one of the ways to aid a participant. Week 3 delves into the reasons behind our eating/over-eating, identifying the emotions, habits, pain, and relationships that affect how we choose to use food. Week 4 deals with stress eating, with options of other ways to manage stress to replace eating. With relaxation and alternatives offered, participants are guided into feeling more empowered to choose healthy eating habits as they extinguish the need and urge to over-eat.

As part of the program, participants will purchase materials which will then help them continue the program. As participants identify early-age habits and emotions, they may then choose to schedule individual sessions to address the particular scripts that were planted when they were children. Participants may also make tapes for reinforcement of their personal affirmations.

Learning how to make healthy choices is a part of how we take care of ourselves, and all who have struggled with maintaining the ideal weight now can develop a way to enjoy their new path to wellness. The “emotional clearing” in the program, followed by the healing, will open clients to new responses which will reinforce increased self-worth as they reach their target weight.

Group or individual sessions are available. If you are interested, please call 308-382-5287, Ext. 10, for more information. Groups will be scheduled on a first-come, first served basis, with more groups added as needed. The program can also be scheduled as individual sessions.


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  • Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Advanced Clinical HypnoTherapist

  • Deb England began working part-time for Wholeness Healing Center in September 2004 and began full-time in May 2005. Deb practices primarily in the Broken Bow office and one day a week in the Grand Island office. Previously she had completed her practicum and internship at Morning Star Alliance, working in the Broken Bow and Grand Island offices.


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