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Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?, a Book Review

I was recently gifted by an interactive book, Where will you be five years from today?, advertised not as a “here’s how” book but as a “why not?” book. There are such great exercises in the book, asking probing questions and forcing the reader to become a writer.

The book begins with having the reader identify his/her values and then writing a mission statement. From there it goes to naming goals and dreams, and one section is designed for setting those goals in a balanced way. As the goals are written, so are the things we have put off assigned.

Perhaps one of my favorite pages was TGIM, which was really fitting for me, as not only did I complete the book on a Monday, I have always viewed Mondays as a new opportunity to do better than what we did last week. I think the week presents so many possibilities so the page was a nice reminder to keep the positive perspective.

The book then guides the reader in identifying specific talents, listing places you’ve always wanted to visit, and ideas you’ve had to improve humanity. As you are guided to look inside, the book is full of positive quotations, as well as motivational phrases.

The “thank you” section asks the reader (now writer) to identify people he/she is thankful for, with words of encouragement to appreciate those who have done things for us so that we might get to the place where we are headed. This goes into listing the passionate causes in our lives, people who have influenced us, and creating a definition of success.

Such a little book, packed with the opportunity to re-examine our lives, our dreams, and look at how and what we need to do to get on with what we are supposed to do.

The book, released by Compendium Incorporated, is part of a series, and the next one is “1” How many people does it take to make a difference? I am sure I am going to follow up this book by writing in the next one also. And I am also making a commitment that in one year I will take out this book again and “grade” myself on how I have changed, grown, and improved in living my life better.

So if you are looking for more than a “quick read”, something that will help guide you through the year, as well as identifying more specifically what is important to YOU, check this out. The fact that it has writing assignments laid out is well done, without being demanding, and the positive reinforcements throughout the book are very inspirational. Such a fun book, and I feel as if not only was I gifted with the book, I then gifted myself by working through it.


  • Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Advanced Clinical HypnoTherapist

  • Deb England began working part-time for Wholeness Healing Center in September 2004 and began full-time in May 2005. Deb practices primarily in the Broken Bow office and one day a week in the Grand Island office. Previously she had completed her practicum and internship at Morning Star Alliance, working in the Broken Bow and Grand Island offices.


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