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How can we be HAPPY? When you search the internet on “how to be happy” you find numerous articles such as “20 Ways to Be Happier Today’(Forbes) “23 Ways to Be Happier”(Psychology Today) “10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy” –(Inc.com) “45 Ways to Be Happier Instantly” (HuffPost Life) the list goes on and on. So where do you start? Is the answer in one of the articles? Do you have to read them all to figure it out?

Maybe being happy means being well. As stated on our website under Holistic Wellness services, “Wellness is a state of balance between the spiritual, physical, and mental/emotional selves. An imbalance within any of these areas may bring about illness or other ailments and/or suffering.”

How can we be happy (well) as we travel on our journey with so many curve balls thrown at us? The death of a loved one or pet, difficult times in our relationships, and a lot of worry or anxiety in our lives can really send us spinning. We try to shake it off, stay busy or push it out of our head. As it begins to pile up, we get more anxious and stressed.
Stress may begin to affect our production or attendance at work because of lost sleep or constant worry. We won’t reach out to a counselor because of the stigma that there is something wrong with us. That couldn’t be further from the truth! It means that we are humans and need to heal.

Why not find a place where the healing begins when you walk in the door! You can work to reach your fullest potential in life, but sometimes you have to deal with a few things before you can continue to grow. That is okay! Or maybe you feel you are doing okay, but want to have a deeper sense of self or learn how to enjoy life more? At Wholeness Healing the mission is . . . “to bring healing to people in a non-judgmental, compassionate way while focusing on their strengths and their personal values, guiding them to reach their fullest and greatest potential.
Although the focus is on the treatment of mental, emotional and psychological health, the higher level goal is for each individual to achieve a healthy, balanced whole life, integrating all facets of their lives.”

If your company has an Employee Assistance Program with Wholeness Healing, it makes it easier for you to seek counseling confidentially and find holistic or traditional options without the worry of the cost. However if your company doesn’t have EAP, you can still seek confidential counseling and take advantage of the holistic options at Wholeness Healing Center. Feel free to contact Wholeness Healing Center to learn more about our services and EAP program.

In the meantime, be happy (well) by taking a moment to be grateful. Sometimes something as simple as focusing on an “attitude of gratitude” can go a long way!

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